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Dear Mr. Shahrukh Khan – an open letter to SRK

I would have called you SRK but those days when I felt that close to you as a fan are finally over! The first time you came on-screen as ‘Baazigar’, I didn’t like it, one bit! Though you gave a brilliant performance, I just didn’t like heroes turning villains with such vengeance. Then, with the movie ‘Darr’ (fear) you were even more scary. Then finally you were transformed by the Chopras in DDLJ as Rahul and ditto in Kuch kuch hota hai, ‘Dil to Paagal hai’! Later you did ‘Anjaam

I have never seen – a more cruel character in Indian films! After the success of Rahul, I think you decided to stay on the safe and hit path and your fans lapped it. I wonder if you know how big a fan base you had. I suppose you do!! I do not have statistics but you know, after all, you own an IPL team!

Dear Shahrukh, do you feel that you have let your fans down with ‘this’ new ‘movie’ of yours! Not that you have not had your share of flops – you did – but it didn’t matter to your fans and everyone does, as Amitabh Bachchan would tell you! In fact, Rishi Kapoor is an even better example – he’s doing roles he wasn’t offered in his salad days! Of course you had Salman, Aamir to contend with in the senior trio; yet you held your own with dimpled charm. Until slowly it became obvious that you could not take no for an answer and like a petulant child, you had to have all the awards. And, stay the centre of attraction always. Each year it became more grating; but who would bell the cat!

My take is not on the disaster movie you have made Ra…g 1 whatever… it makes me sad that you put yourself in our faces till we wanted to scream those bad words your ‘chamak chalo’ did, (poor Kareena)! We wouldn’t since we aren’t that uncouth are we? I can say this without seeing the movie .

YES, I have not seen the movie, because I have been reading reviews to see if there was a ‘hope and a prayer’ that people were wrong; reviewers were wrong! But no, unlike ‘Chak de’(definitely your best), even ‘My name is Khan’ and even a ‘Paheli’ brought this smilethat you wanted to do something different and yes – I have seen these movies even ‘Paheli’! But, I know I just can’t put myself through this one!!

So what went wrong, dear Shahrukh, was it a personal dream to do these Superhero roles in one film?? Fair enough, but why force yourself on the audience with media bashing us with an overdose. I wouldn’t want to point this out, lest you feel crestfallen – but do watch Aamir and even Salman, there is a softness, as if they know the limits(i  believe even Aamir goes overboard but, his cleverness catches you by surprise!!). My heartfelt advice is please – do take a vacation – lack of sleep, late nighters can do this to people. Do come back refreshed. You have not reached the limits of your talent, I’m sure, though, I think you need a break and WE Do TOO!

Maybe then, when you come back we will be ready for an out-of-the box movie but please check the copyrights too! Somehow, I get the feeling, the guy who sued you for copying his concept made maximum profits on Ra.One! Please do take this in good spirits! Wish you bon voyage!

PS I loved ‘chalte chalte’ and ‘hum tumhare hain sanam’ and I feel you play the jealous husband perfectly but no more! Puhleeze! Wish you luck, Don II.

A once upon a time fan!

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