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A tryst with feminism!

Feminism – today you just take it for granted, but suddenly I was curious what was it before feminism took shape. I can imagine the cudgels a woman received for burning the food (obviously food wasn’t easy to catch) or dragged by their hair (gosh why hair – can’t bear that I love my tresses)!

I believe that’s the time men actually believed they were the superior sex when I think right from Adam biting the apple offered by Eve it was pretty obvious who ruled the roost really! Then why this big deal about feminist or no feminist

I think it sort of happened when women strolled into men’s domain and were actually very good at their job! Ok I agree driving a car isn’t easy for me but most women do as good or bad a job as a man. By nature, a woman is more creative, even while driving. And, why go the same straight way every single day, how boring!

Not to digress from important matters. Feminism started with unequal wages and then later for cultural differences. Simone de Beauvoir was pro feminism and supported writers. Things are so much better, today. Don’t you think so – what if you’re paid half in some jobs at least you are paid unlike in some third world countries. The Oxford dictionary lists 1894 approx for the start of feminism. Relation between the sexes was an issue. You had to invent headaches to be left alone.

Mary Wollstonecraft, a celebrated author believed both genders contributed to inequality and needed to be sensitized to this but critics called her and her ilk ‘amazons of the pen’. Samuel Johnson had more problems with women writing – well! I wouldn’t be here writing, if someone had taken him up on that!

Jane  Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte… Thomas Hardy too, supported the viewpoint of equality. Florence Nightingale also believed that women had the ability but not the opportunities. More than rights to vote (suffrage), right to education, better working conditions, double sexual standards (well!!) Centuries later when you look at it, things have changed and how. The world as seen from the media is about famous women in the entertainment industry – all of them need a man around and after every break up they look for another guy to cry or lean on. One who treats them like dirt; all in search of the elusive perfect man? Perfect – how dumb can you get, maybe they are!

In Asian countries, too, it’s the same. am speaking of celebrities’ because they  seem to be in a position to change the equation but to my surprise they put their titles to shame; make lofty statements and then live a life that is hardly one. It’s their life so who am i to crib but for the fact that there are kids involved sometimes it just don’t make any sense. Kids are involved and are preview to this life. Wouldn’t they be better off without this kind of family time! In the orphanages or in strictly observed homes. God knows I cannot fathom it!

The incident that still manages to surprise me is a famous celebrity who had a love child with another celebrity and then lived as she pleased. Years later out of the blue she marries this man quite out of her league, but rich, definitely. I read somewhere that this celebrity stated that once you reach the big 4, suitors vanish just like that’. So if you were looking for them, why put on the sham of being a feminist or self-dependent!

I think feminism is just a word that applied when women were really fighting to get a chance just to vote or to be allowed to work and freedom of choice. And, actually, isn’t it still the same! But, my sympathies are with those men who have suffered at the hands of the rights given to women. Sometimes women do go a bit too far. Okay so what if he claims to have a headache. It must have been genuine. Girls do cut some slack…puhleeze!

PS: this post came out of a creative prompt given to me and it had to biased toward males. personally that was a challenge. The rest of the info is real and comments are true, my reactions to those incidents mentioned are  real.  The asides are meant to be in jest.

i am not a hard-core feminist. And with end part seeming bitter is just a figment of some people’s imagination. I  truly adore the species and i think it is vice versa give or take a few opines…Well, for those who have read do believe that i believe in eternal love and will till my last breath:)

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