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Ethnic Indian Warli

Warli Paintings from India

Maharashtra, Thane is home to Warli where villagers decorate the walls entrance with this art. It depicts every arena of life – weddings, household work and aspects of life like farming etc. Warli has taken new strides in the world and is globally appreciated. Experimentation is becoming the key, the art form is simple to do. Basic shapes are the triangle back to back, which makes for the bottom and a circle for the head. The square parts of the design represent physical structures; like a home etc.

Warli looks stunning on any surface walls, fabric, earthen ware, wooden surfaces – the sky is the limit – and today you can use the basic style and innovate with new ideas…

On fabric – use fabric colors, either black or maroon or just let your imagination fly. Glossy colors with a little shimmer can dazzle any outfit. On paper, poster colors work fine.

Check out this original design

Here are simple ways to do warli art

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A tryst with feminism!

Feminism – today you just take it for granted, but suddenly I was curious what was it before feminism took shape. I can imagine the cudgels a woman received for burning the food (obviously food wasn’t easy to catch) or dragged by their hair (gosh why hair – can’t bear that I love my tresses)!

I believe that’s the time men actually believed they were the superior sex when I think right from Adam biting the apple offered by Eve it was pretty obvious who ruled the roost really! Then why this big deal about feminist or no feminist

I think it sort of happened when women strolled into men’s domain and were actually very good at their job! Ok I agree driving a car isn’t easy for me but most women do as good or bad a job as a man. By nature, a woman is more creative, even while driving. And, why go the same straight way every single day, how boring!

Not to digress from important matters. Feminism started with unequal wages and then later for cultural differences. Simone de Beauvoir was pro feminism and supported writers. Things are so much better, today. Don’t you think so – what if you’re paid half in some jobs at least you are paid unlike in some third world countries. The Oxford dictionary lists 1894 approx for the start of feminism. Relation between the sexes was an issue. You had to invent headaches to be left alone.

Mary Wollstonecraft, a celebrated author believed both genders contributed to inequality and needed to be sensitized to this but critics called her and her ilk ‘amazons of the pen’. Samuel Johnson had more problems with women writing – well! I wouldn’t be here writing, if someone had taken him up on that!

Jane  Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte… Thomas Hardy too, supported the viewpoint of equality. Florence Nightingale also believed that women had the ability but not the opportunities. More than rights to vote (suffrage), right to education, better working conditions, double sexual standards (well!!) Centuries later when you look at it, things have changed and how. The world as seen from the media is about famous women in the entertainment industry – all of them need a man around and after every break up they look for another guy to cry or lean on. One who treats them like dirt; all in search of the elusive perfect man? Perfect – how dumb can you get, maybe they are!

In Asian countries, too, it’s the same. am speaking of celebrities’ because they  seem to be in a position to change the equation but to my surprise they put their titles to shame; make lofty statements and then live a life that is hardly one. It’s their life so who am i to crib but for the fact that there are kids involved sometimes it just don’t make any sense. Kids are involved and are preview to this life. Wouldn’t they be better off without this kind of family time! In the orphanages or in strictly observed homes. God knows I cannot fathom it!

The incident that still manages to surprise me is a famous celebrity who had a love child with another celebrity and then lived as she pleased. Years later out of the blue she marries this man quite out of her league, but rich, definitely. I read somewhere that this celebrity stated that once you reach the big 4, suitors vanish just like that’. So if you were looking for them, why put on the sham of being a feminist or self-dependent!

I think feminism is just a word that applied when women were really fighting to get a chance just to vote or to be allowed to work and freedom of choice. And, actually, isn’t it still the same! But, my sympathies are with those men who have suffered at the hands of the rights given to women. Sometimes women do go a bit too far. Okay so what if he claims to have a headache. It must have been genuine. Girls do cut some slack…puhleeze!

PS: this post came out of a creative prompt given to me and it had to biased toward males. personally that was a challenge. The rest of the info is real and comments are true, my reactions to those incidents mentioned are  real.  The asides are meant to be in jest.

i am not a hard-core feminist. And with end part seeming bitter is just a figment of some people’s imagination. I  truly adore the species and i think it is vice versa give or take a few opines…Well, for those who have read do believe that i believe in eternal love and will till my last breath:)

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Dear Mr. Shahrukh Khan – an open letter to SRK

I would have called you SRK but those days when I felt that close to you as a fan are finally over! The first time you came on-screen as ‘Baazigar’, I didn’t like it, one bit! Though you gave a brilliant performance, I just didn’t like heroes turning villains with such vengeance. Then, with the movie ‘Darr’ (fear) you were even more scary. Then finally you were transformed by the Chopras in DDLJ as Rahul and ditto in Kuch kuch hota hai, ‘Dil to Paagal hai’! Later you did ‘Anjaam

I have never seen – a more cruel character in Indian films! After the success of Rahul, I think you decided to stay on the safe and hit path and your fans lapped it. I wonder if you know how big a fan base you had. I suppose you do!! I do not have statistics but you know, after all, you own an IPL team!

Dear Shahrukh, do you feel that you have let your fans down with ‘this’ new ‘movie’ of yours! Not that you have not had your share of flops – you did – but it didn’t matter to your fans and everyone does, as Amitabh Bachchan would tell you! In fact, Rishi Kapoor is an even better example – he’s doing roles he wasn’t offered in his salad days! Of course you had Salman, Aamir to contend with in the senior trio; yet you held your own with dimpled charm. Until slowly it became obvious that you could not take no for an answer and like a petulant child, you had to have all the awards. And, stay the centre of attraction always. Each year it became more grating; but who would bell the cat!

My take is not on the disaster movie you have made Ra…g 1 whatever… it makes me sad that you put yourself in our faces till we wanted to scream those bad words your ‘chamak chalo’ did, (poor Kareena)! We wouldn’t since we aren’t that uncouth are we? I can say this without seeing the movie .

YES, I have not seen the movie, because I have been reading reviews to see if there was a ‘hope and a prayer’ that people were wrong; reviewers were wrong! But no, unlike ‘Chak de’(definitely your best), even ‘My name is Khan’ and even a ‘Paheli’ brought this smilethat you wanted to do something different and yes – I have seen these movies even ‘Paheli’! But, I know I just can’t put myself through this one!!

So what went wrong, dear Shahrukh, was it a personal dream to do these Superhero roles in one film?? Fair enough, but why force yourself on the audience with media bashing us with an overdose. I wouldn’t want to point this out, lest you feel crestfallen – but do watch Aamir and even Salman, there is a softness, as if they know the limits(i  believe even Aamir goes overboard but, his cleverness catches you by surprise!!). My heartfelt advice is please – do take a vacation – lack of sleep, late nighters can do this to people. Do come back refreshed. You have not reached the limits of your talent, I’m sure, though, I think you need a break and WE Do TOO!

Maybe then, when you come back we will be ready for an out-of-the box movie but please check the copyrights too! Somehow, I get the feeling, the guy who sued you for copying his concept made maximum profits on Ra.One! Please do take this in good spirits! Wish you bon voyage!

PS I loved ‘chalte chalte’ and ‘hum tumhare hain sanam’ and I feel you play the jealous husband perfectly but no more! Puhleeze! Wish you luck, Don II.

A once upon a time fan!

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Dive in!?!

Dive in!?!

Oct.3, 2011

I am at my sister’s place for lunch and the view from her place is – phew! From the ‘cozy corner’, I can see the pool and all I feel like is just – diving in! Tempting – but there are no ‘floats’ – I need tHeM!!

It has been quite a while, since I managed to learn the basics, after ‘drowning’ in ‘shallow’ water for a while!

A lot of hard work later and more hard work, I finally manage without floats. Floating on my back will be heaven…

I look longingly at the pool and wait for all signs of the rains to vanish. It’s hot but the rains keep playing spoil sport!

Hey, welcome October – am I going to make a splash…or wot!?!


The pics are of Vasant Lawns in India and one of the most beautiful i have seen…hope it stays this way:D

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How I discovered my true calling!

How I discovered my true calling!

a slice of my libraryBefore I decided to become a copywriter I was interested in so many hobbies, far removed from writing except maybe for a home-grown greeting  for birthdays and letters to friends and pen pals …school stuff I hated – essays, any school stuff I found them scary …for some reason (the system has killed many a writer creative person in India). So I didn’t have a teacher tell me ‘someday you’ll become a writer’. Yes my French teacher did tell me, when I took my daughter to join her kindergarten

“aren’t you the girl who used to run very fast”. I was uh huh – come again! Wish someone had told me, earlier; just maybe I would worked harder on making it to the Olympics – for sure… ha ha. But seeing my extra lean frame none would,  I suppose! I lived to play and that meant a lot of aches and breathing difficulty and my mom being troubled for a hot press – a cloth in which roasted flax-seed was stuffed and placed on the chest for relieving congestion. Bronchitis was just one thing to be borne but it didn’t stop me once I was up and about and if it was ‘holi’( an Indian festival where dry colours were smeared and wet balloons, water thrown on each other (who talked of preserving the environment then)! And I wouldn’t go up to change even when my dress tore coz I was scared my second mom – my sis wouldn’t let me go back , no one else could stop me. Bless her; she knew it would mean another round of doctors and suffering for me and my mom!

Well that was going off tangent, quite a bit…if you would travel with me… Actually, all my school life I dreaded math and often dreamt of cycling fast to reach the hall, another one being not knowing the portion for the exam and hurriedly taking notes and stuff like  – these were stuff  my nightmares were made of!

Reading meant Enid Blyton’s and my all time favorites were Heidi, Pride and Prejudice; later it was M&B  where I digested the ‘forever’ theme till reality struck years later…Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, pulp fiction without too much gore were my favourites; with a plateful of sandwiches – jammy ones and a blanket, if it was cold and two hours later it was another book or time for the playground – badminton, cycling and stuff .

We didn’t get Cosmo and other foreign magazines so I borrowed them from my library and all  their’‘how to’s’’ were by heart plus the ads fascinated me! After school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but getting a University degree was a must for Indian girls, though for me being a housewife and becoming a mom was high on my list after college! I chose Commerce for graduation for my sis, a topper was in it and my dad had a business … he wanted us girls too to join him. He was a very forward thinking man for the 80’s in India!

… the nightmares continued after college for some reason.. I tried giving a banking test, absolutely unbelievable to me even today but those were the regular things girls went for unless thy were planning to become doctors, or some hi-fi careers –  at least it seemed like that to me! While this was happening romance was blossoming and I wanted to marry and settle down while at the same time I was very passionately following a drawing and painting course. I did my own stuff copied calendars with some. ‘Radha  Krishna’ themes ; even repaired a tile which had a landscape for a friend but it was not to be even after I tried my absolute best! As a kid I would enter all the contest ‘ why do you like Cadbury Chocolates… or ‘Surf is the best detergent because..’ in 10 words! Not one of them did I miss – but all to see my name, the prize really didn’t impress me… it seems unbelievable today but kids, teens are like that, don’t you think!

After college, I saw an ad for a ‘copy workshop’ but somehow it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, when my daughter was born I became very interested in the  ‘learning through play’  method; quite new to India (Kindergarten though, had taken off quite well!). I gobbled all the knowledge or books; internet was not available to us , I decided that since I loved kids a lot … a course in ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ – it would be!  I was very enthusiastic and made all the teaching aids and joined the British library for books , since that was the first year the course was introduced no text books were available for the theory and understanding the nitty gritty’s of teaching kids. I wanted more and I researched and made notes and studied like never before! I topped the theory exams and to my utmost wonder I found that my answers were read out in class!

We interned in schools and children really loved the real examples while teaching math and fun ways we introduced new things with help of the teachers there. I found myself buying stuff, books, toys, clay, thick crayons, and all the stuff possible for my kid, too. I was fascinated by the method and my daughter turned to be like clay, she lapped it all (sometimes i wonder if ECCE(early childhood care and education) was to give her what we didn’t get as kids). Everybody in the family were happy, they were sure, I would teach or start my own school but fate intervened. I was sure that teaching was not for me ,  and wanted to study further and be part of the change do an ‘administration post grad’, but, since I wasn’t a science student(!) I didn’t get admission in the only college that had the course in Mumbai.

And suddenly one day, the newspaper came with the same  ad for the ‘copywriting workshop’ and this time it just swept me with the tide and I was determined to complete this workshop…once again I was on the roll; cut up ads (my daughter helped:)) scanned and photocopied books bought as many as I could, read as much on the subject. Caples, Bernbach, Ogilvy, books like  – Hey,Whipple Squeeze This, Pritkins Statement… were treasured by me and finally I found my childhood dreams vanished, those nightmares that haunted me had disappeared totally, … Three months later, a copywriting workshop certificate and some brand new ideas under my arm, I stepped into a local advertising agency INS accredited and imagine my luck, the copywriter was leaving after marriage and they were looking for an instant replacement. And, that’s when I got my first ever job.

The journey wasn’t smooth sailing…but, I knew I was at the right place and my time would come. I faced problems but I triumphed when my first campaign went national for JK Helene Curtis ! My first headline ‘boon or bane’ for a pharma client got me a shoot of laughter from the crew, but the client lapped it and that was all that mattered to me! I suppose I wasn’t typically ambitious to work in a big agency for it would mean up down two hours leaving my daughter in a crèche so I decided to freelance …we managed well between the two of us. She enjoyed the creative stuff and as she grew up, she enjoyed listening to my shop talk! Today, she’s studying advertising –that, after taking up science –wanting to be an astronomer! Later she switched to mass media, inspite of everyone wanting her to continue. Surprisingly, even I thought that she could get into copywriting after graduation in science for by then I found that a fallback was good with payments becoming low after the 1990’s real estate crash’ but you couldn’t force her…like mother…huh!!

15 years later, I haven’t won a Cannes or any copywriting award – just two prizes – one for a greeting contest and a tv channel “i like home tv because…” in you guessed it -10 words! I got to see my name as the first prize and fifth prize winner…and I actually loved the tv and music system I got – giving it away was a sad moment! Actually, if you’re a copywriter you also want this but I had made my choice by working for small agencies, but, these were the happiest years of my life and I cherish every moment of it. The only mistake was not joining a big agency then because you were paid for freelancing based on that stamp of a Big agency; my friends who joined Big agencies went on to make pots of money…but money, then, wasn’t my core need. It was satisfaction and that I got in plenty. I don’t have regrets; except for not meeting ‘big idea’ people and growing exponentially…hmmm! So who said the journey to discover your true love was easy or that it ever ends!!




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Signature campaign – care to sign?!?

Thumb Impressions seems the perfect remedy to all forgery or cheating problems. It’s one of those things that have lasted centuries and nothing modern has been able to wipe out its sheer simplicity, genius and ease. Signatures, I suppose followed literacy. Kings used it with a flourish to issue an execution order or to go to war or some silly stuff kings used to do. Later judges broke a nib over a judgment. People spent hours over creating their own signatures that none could forge and reflected the personality they wanted to express. There are people who make a living on reading people’s signatures and guessing personality quirks.

Every child reaches a stage when they start developing their signatures and creating one that stands apart and many a page is crumpled to get that perfect signature drafted before making it final.

Unfortunately, forgers slog harder to copy and major frauds and forgeries are committed even of the most complex signatures. Then there is the danger of election rigging where your identity and ideology are in danger with mass rigging and the whole nation’s future depends on being forge proof. And, that’s where I’d say – thumbs down!

I’m all for the good old thumb impression. It’s the perfect solution to all verification and proofs. After all, signatures are easily forged, faces changed with surgery. And, it’s said everybody has more than one double in the world. So, for authenticity’s sake fingerprints seem to be the best bet.

Actually, I do have a vested interest in going all thumbs, though I am a little embarrassed to say this. My signature is so ordinary, without style that I blush every time someone says, not your initials please! And, to top that my oh so simple signature even fluctuates ever so slightly. My bank’s used to this, recognises my (ir)regular sign, and clears my cheques.

The reason I haven’t tried to acquire a stylized signature is I’d probably forget it and that would land me into even more trouble. I’m always amazed at people who sign with such a flourish and with such expressions of their name it almost seems like a work of art. It fascinates me how it’s the same every time. As for me I’m usually in such a hurry and so harried that I feel safer with my ordinary, mousy signature. Plus, with frauds and forgeries and scams all around I’m convinced it’s best for all concerned that we take to the thumbprint way. See the benefits:

No two fingerprints are the same-I’m sure God in all his infinite wisdom and foresight knew human weakness and with the best technology available only to him ensured that all fingerprints are not alike. Until some evil force breaks this code, we are safe!

Then there is the election rigging. This could be easily solved. Indelible ink used for thumb impressions against the party candidate would end rigging forever. Then you can stop gangsters from having two passports. Computers can verify this with their data bank of all fingerprints.

Of course, thumbprints do have that uneducated touch! A little retro could do us some over-technologified people some good. It’s like getting to the grassroots.

I am all set for this anti-signature campaign. Care to sign?

P.S. President Obama’s writing sample in the paper made me so sentimental, I’ve now decided to try my hand at improving my signature and win the campaign!

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Pristine beauty!

Recently while attending a creativity workshop, we had the words top, rope, cherish – a random list and you had to write a story in five minutes flat!

The only restriction was that the three words had to be in the first line, and one of them in the last.

Five minutes later, I could manage only this much…


Pristine beauty! (named immediately after writing)

…he climbed the rope to reach the top and he cherished this moment. The mountain peaks of the Himalayas beckoned every now and then …the pristine beauty drew him like a magnet. Exhilarated he turned to his group. He often took troops of city haggard people to his favourite places but only after they passed a rigid interview.


“no” he shouted suddenly red with sheer anger and said ”no littering the place” put in the bag he had given them. Take it back to civilization and dump it there”.


Leave it pristine…he caught the rope to step down…just ..i….t ……

Suddenly you could see him..the team clapped gleefully!

Times up and that was that…no time to complete it the way you wanted.  That I think was the best part of the exercise – every time it will be a different story depending on the memory that is with you at the moment.

I enjoyed the process. I have never ever written a story. It was gr8 fun but maybe if I had time to think I wouldn’t have written it!

You could try your hand… send me a comment with your story with the words – top, rope, cherish!

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