‘Proofing up with the Kardashians’

17 Oct

Proofreading is the most tedious jobs to do. Steve Jobs would agree…(well! I had to use his name, everyone is doing it…and I truly love him and his vision!)

After a few bungled efforts, I trashed a lot of my stuff, because they had errors that made me red with shame and so I have stayed off posting for quite a while… Now I have found a new way~!

I’m ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ – the American serial which I watch mon – thu 9pm -10 pm. What I like most is that like reality shows they give you sound ‘bytes’ (oh Steve I miss you so! )and the tone used is like soo amazing and so funny!

I have recreated a snippet with my own inputs, since I don’t remember the exact dialogues…

My take:

I do not know what Kourt is doing; why is she still with Scott; did u see the rage in him – he needs a Psycho. Actually, he’s a psycho; he needs help …!
Anyways I have to go look for the ring; can’t seem to find it and Lamar will kill me!!

Khloe has no idea what this does to me –you know I feel like – – I am pulled from all sides …why is the family after Scott’s butt, he is trying to change – why can’t they be with us, instead of trying to separate us… it’s so annoying…

Scott does not understand that Khloe has her shoots and he comes home so late that she has these dark circles or are they dark circles??

“Scott, we need to talk about …”

Kourtney has this thing about not touching the wine in the fridge
It has been in the cellar for so long, are we going to like- drink it next year!!
…about picking up after me what’s the big deal…after I’m drunk, I can’t see whether it’s a bottle; or a bottle; anyways I want my son Mason to be raised in NY—

“Scott – I a m talking to Yoou”
“Yeah I know “

“No you don’t – I think we should move to NY, have another baby, Mason needs a brother or a sister!”

Anyways you get the drift – the ‘after comments’ is the style I use to proofread’ sometimes, to make it interesting and fun. I read it aloud using the ‘tone of voice’, of the ‘Kardashians ‘. I actually did a piece and it worked but for this one I think, I’ll read this aloud!!

I really can’t let others read what I write – I just can’t – it’s me and my readers – if they like its fine. But I don’t think it will come to that… this time.. . Right now, I have the ‘Kardashians’ to help me …

Do you have a proofing idea…to share with me?

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3 responses to “‘Proofing up with the Kardashians’

  1. georgefloreswrite

    October 17, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Oh my gosh, thank you for my first laugh of the day! That is hilarious. I’ve never watched an episode, but I’ve caught some snippets by channel surfing and regretted it. To use them for a read out loud exercise has got to be a hoot!

    • Valsa

      October 17, 2011 at 3:47 pm

      Hi thanks for the read.. will check your site tomorrow…looks very interesting

      • Valsa

        October 18, 2011 at 12:09 pm

        Hi thanks for stopping by yesterday, it was nighttime and daytime for you. It was an impulse post –‘proofing up with the Kardashians’ …I had it ready 3 days back but hesitated to post it! Nice you found it a hoot…I just love that phrase  have read your stories, they’re impeccably written and your style shows right through…will subscribe..thanks


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