Kingfisher blue so blue!

08 Sep
the common kingfisher
blue blue

When I shifted to my new residence, the lush greenery had me sold and early mornings were sitting at the window side and watching birds, butterflies flit about (my desk was placed here near the window sill)! It wasn’t soon before I discovered the parakeets, then a small green bird with red beak (not a parakeet)- this was exotica – my paradise! It was really thrilling to discover the yellow and black striped bird who I named ‘tiger’ bird for they had these stripes – my daughter too was extremely thrilled when I pointed out and she found it ‘terrific’!

Then, one day, I hear sounds of – how do I describe it ‘cackling laughter’. I run to the window – can’t see where the sound sprang from and this continued…

And, then just as I looked up from my comp (believe it was a 486 then….! ). I glanced at the well, it had a lot of fishes in it, they were thriving there, I spotted something blue…it was blue as blue can be(the other colours are complements to this blue). Omg I thought it was kingfisher blue and the bird was a KINGFISHER!(omg!)

Whoosh! I stared in wonder till it flew off and then each time I heard its sound, I hurried to catch a glimpse! The kingfisher sat patiently to catch a fish; suddenly it would swoop and with a nice juicy fish would fly off to where its nest was (fishbones!- I suppose!!) to feed its young – a tasty family dinner!

I had a good camera and decided I was going to capture this for posterity and with instructions to be careful as soon as I spotted it at the well, I knew it would have a wait to get one, so I took the lift, turned toward the well and as I reached the well… I stepped forward very, very slowly – it was still there but one more step and off it flew – all I got was a blurred image but I waited for another time and days flew by as I got a good exercise but no pic!

The kingfisher was uncanny with all its focus on its food; yet a human step and it would just swish off – a wonderful sight yet I had no proof… for nobody believed me – the only witness was my lil daughter and she too was excited then went back to her Barbie dolls, or was busy with play and school projects.

I did show those pics to the fam and they said but where’s the Kingfisher?? I pointed to the blue blur where I could discern the bird but they were ‘maani, you’re just dreaming…!’

Finally, I gave up trying to click it and by now I was used to having the kingfisher come regularly to its food place, and, it never failed to thrill me! Since my skills came to naught , i decided to search for the perfect KF image…

The common kingfisher and so uncommon to me!

So my tryst continues with pets and wild birds – they’re always a sight to behold!

Of course, now that we’ve shifted to a new place, there is a new story…that’s if you would be interested to listen:::::)

The image is attributed to Karunakar Raykar


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3 responses to “Kingfisher blue so blue!

  1. georgefloreswrite

    October 18, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Cool story… My favorite bird is the Kingfisher ever since I was little and saw it in a book. Later on, I noticed that every winter Kingfishers would come down to Florida to stay warm. Here, I’ve only seen the blue and white ones (not as colorful as yours or the picture I once saw), but I still love their compact muscular bodies with those big beaks.

    • Valsa

      October 21, 2011 at 9:16 am

      Yeah, KF’s have big, yellow beaks, perfect to catch their supper…it really makes my day if I spot them … (I consider them my lucky mascot!) Indeed, they are a tiny package in the size of their body to the beak ratio…amazing birds!

      Pets and animals are on top my fave list; seeing that I had a fish tank with 52 fishes at one time and a small tank for ‘Siamese Fighters’… but after I lost them one Christmas…im a lil wary…

      Thanks for stopping by


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