Pristine beauty!

28 Aug

Recently while attending a creativity workshop, we had the words top, rope, cherish – a random list and you had to write a story in five minutes flat!

The only restriction was that the three words had to be in the first line, and one of them in the last.

Five minutes later, I could manage only this much…


Pristine beauty! (named immediately after writing)

…he climbed the rope to reach the top and he cherished this moment. The mountain peaks of the Himalayas beckoned every now and then …the pristine beauty drew him like a magnet. Exhilarated he turned to his group. He often took troops of city haggard people to his favourite places but only after they passed a rigid interview.


“no” he shouted suddenly red with sheer anger and said ”no littering the place” put in the bag he had given them. Take it back to civilization and dump it there”.


Leave it pristine…he caught the rope to step down…just ..i….t ……

Suddenly you could see him..the team clapped gleefully!

Times up and that was that…no time to complete it the way you wanted.  That I think was the best part of the exercise – every time it will be a different story depending on the memory that is with you at the moment.

I enjoyed the process. I have never ever written a story. It was gr8 fun but maybe if I had time to think I wouldn’t have written it!

You could try your hand… send me a comment with your story with the words – top, rope, cherish!

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